Sell Your House Fast: The Powerful Guide To Flipping Houses

Sell Your House Fast: The Powerful Guide To Flipping Houses

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Want to sell your house fast? Read this: in the past two years, flipping houses have been the trend in the real estate market.

Left and right, contractors and realtors have found low cost and innovative ways to buy houses in different states – from used to damaged, there are endless ways they can turn those houses to look good as new.

But if you’re thinking of doing or starting a flipping house business, one of the most defining things to leverage your profit is to sell your house FAST.


Because each day that the property is with you, you are incurring additional expenses that are out of your pocket. Your capital is tied to that property and you won’t be able to take more projects as you wish.

To help you out, here’s our powerful guide to sell your house fast.

Research the area

A common mistake that flippers do is jump right in to rehabilitation without scoping the area. This is vital to your success as a flipper because without research, you’re bound to end up shelling out more than earning what you should have.

See if the neighborhood is profitable. Questions you may want to explore when you want to sell your house fast are:

  • What are the average prices of the houses on the market?
  • Are there any competitors in the area?
  • What establishments could increase the price of your potential house flip project?
  • Is the neighborhood fit for the audience you’re selling to?

Little things matter

What may be a small change like a green patch of lawn in the front yard or a play area at the back can increase the value of your property.

Make sure to coordinate every possible renovation to your contractor or if you are the contractor, check the property for some subpar changes. Mark it with the blue tape to let your team know it’s for fixing.

Also, another tip is that a fresh new coat of paint or a reupholstered furniture can make all the difference upon bargaining so you can sell your house fast.

Use A Third Party To Sell Your House Fast

Whether it’s a real estate broker or a third party real estate management company, it’s important to enlist help when you’ve got too much on your plate.

Having other people may cut back on your profit, but the skills needed like marketing and negotiation can save you the stress, effort and appearance when buyers start to flock your listing.

It’s important to get the right third party by having a comfortable and reputable relationship with them. Don’t forget to sign a contract before you transact so both of you are protected and the scope of work is clear.

Price Your Property Right

Just because you’ve put your labor and materials in doesn’t mean you can earn back every penny from it. Sometimes, the best closed offers come from a good halfway deal.

If you price your property too high, you won’t even get a nibble on the first week. Make sure to coordinate with your realtor about the prices so you can have an idea of what it’s like from the buyer’s end.

If you price your property too low, you will be able to sell your house fast but with the risk of losing business. Therefore, price your property right. This is where your third party comes in: to give you an overall advice on the market’s situation.

Analyze Your Progress

Once your property is listed and is on for open house, you need to check if the listing is moving properly:

  • Are there any offers?
  • Are the offers at a glacial pace or too low?
  • Has the property been sitting for more than 7 days?
  • What can be changed or updated (if the house is still listed)?

These things need to be looked at because in real estate industry, days can feel longer. Like we said earlier, the longer the property is with you, you incur expenses out of your pocket.

Knowing what to modify can help you and your property get a closer.

We hope these tips have helped you get a glimpse on what it’s like to sell your house fast. If you have questions at all or concerns, please contact us here or at 760-576-3000.

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