4 Real Estate Myths You’re Probably Unaware Of

4 Real Estate Myths You’re Probably Unaware Of

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4 Real Estate Myths You’re Probably Unaware OfThere are many real estate myths you’re probably unaware of. Just like any business transaction, the real estate business can be a tricky industry to deal with.

Some homeowners dive deep into dealing with transactions that may have complications until after they have signed their deed of sale, therefore making it a difficult process to undo once they learn that there’s a caveat to what they have signed.

Here at Equitas Property Development, we’re going to help you dispel these real estate myths to give you the clarity you need.


Real Estate Myths #1: Choosing a real estate agent who will sell your listing at the highest price

As a homeowner, you definitely want to get the value of your money when selling your property. However, most sellers go with this route thinking that if they pick the real estate agent who will sell at the highest price, there’s a guarantee for a much bigger profit.

It simply isn’t true.

The basis is not only on whether your agent can sell at a higher price but it also depends on other factors such as full understanding of your needs, the current local market and buyer-agent negotiation.

Trust is also a huge factor when choosing your agent.

The better you have a relationship with your agent, the more eager they will be to please your needs.

It is also crucial to know that a trustworthy agent will keep your value at the most appropriate price. Pricing your property at its highest will mean it stays longer in the market. Therefore you will be shouldering the costs for its upkeep and utility costs.


Real Estate Myths #2: Agents are only after their commission. The higher the commission, the faster they will sell

Not all agents are the same. Real estate agents are licensed professionals who are more than capable to handle your property needs and preferences. They are bound to discuss with you any legal and casual terms you have laid out and will also keep your interests in mind.

This is the reason why certifications and licensures exist to monitor the practice of real estate professionals. Any misconduct is subject to grave penalty or worse, removal of license and expulsion from practice.


Real Estate Myths #3: Lower commission equals higher profit

Just because you’re pricing your home below the average market value doesn’t mean it’s always going to result to a higher profit.

Choose your real estate agent carefully. See their track record of sales, their reputation as well as their affiliation. After all, a good agent will be honest with you on the pros and cons of selling your property. Great agents do not discount their rates, so think twice on working with one who’s skimping down their professional fee.


Real Estate Myths #4: Why need an agent? I can sell my home directly to the buyers

Most homeowners fall into this trap. It’s easy to think that you can sell your home in a flash but given the circumstances of the market these days, it takes more than a listing and a good property to boot to sell your house fast.

Any good agent knows that this real estate myth may hurt your chances of actually getting your home off the market. As for the commission, of course it will save you loads of money if you don’t hire a real estate agent, but this real estate myth will make it harder for you to gain your investment back.

So our advice? Think twice before direct selling.


If you still have hesitations, call us at Equitas Property Development at 760-576-3000 and we will help you out in dispelling those real estate myths and finally sell your house fast.

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